Using the Victory Dialer

Thank you for making calls to elect Dr. Mitchell for US Congress!

Study after study shows the most effective way to win elections is voters talking to voters.

That means you have more power than anything our campaigns could buy!

How it works

You will be using our “dialer”, which is just a fancy way of saying calling program.

It works by calling multiple people at a time in the background, and only transfers answered calls to you. You won’t ever hear any ringing, so if you haven’t heard the “beep”, it just means nobody has answered the phone yet!

You will simply dial the number provided to you on your phone and follow the instructions on the screen of your computer or tablet.

Watch the video, or read the instructions below.


Getting Started

Step 1: Getting your login.

Go to and enter your name, email address, and phone number in the Victory Dialer area.

Step 2: Logging in

Enter the username and password provided for you in the LiveVox Agent Sign In area. Please note that this will change the next time you log in to the dialer, so there is no need to save the information.

Then, select ‘TN-03 Mitchell 2018 Callers’ from the drop-down and click ‘Sign In’.

Step 3: Calling in

Dial the number provided to you on the screen and enter your PIN Code.

Step 4: Wait for a call to go through

After calling in, wait until you are connected to a call. This can take up to 3 minutes.

Note: Stay patient! You are actually automatically making hundreds of calls an hour. We are just waiting for someone to pick up to connect you.


Step 5: When you hear the “beep”, start talking!

The voter’s name will show, and you can begin the script.

Note: Due to normal delays, they have probably already said hello once. Don’t say “Hello?” Instead, dive right into the script! “Hey, is (Name) available?”

Step 6: IMPORTANT: Click through the script as you’re talking to the voter

It’s critical that as you are talking to the voter, you are clicking through the script. This is because this is how we capture data - how we know who to follow up with, and to know how we’re doing.

You don’t have to precisely follow the script word for word - but you do need to make sure the data we need is captured.


Step 7: IMPORTANT: After the caller hangs up, click one of the call results on the left

NEXT CALL - Talked to voter

NEXT CALL - Didn’t talk to voter

NEXT CALL - Asked to be removed from list

NEXT CALL - Message left

Step 8: Click ‘Ready’

Click ‘Ready’ when you are ready to be put back in the queue.

If you are not ready, or need to take a break, click ‘Not Ready’ and you will not be connected to voters until you indicate that you are ready again.

Samantha Boucher