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Healthcare in America - DR. DANIELLE MITCHELL


The struggles that Tennesseans face in healthcare are stunning:

-Tennessee has some of the worst health outcomes in the nation and yet the high cost of health insurance, prescription drugs, and medical care are a roadblock for many of us seeking healthcare.

-Tennessee is number one in the nation for filings of bankruptcy and healthcare is one of the biggest causes of financial devastation.

-Alarming numbers of Tennessean families are being destroyed by the deadly effects of the opioid addiction crisis. 

As your representative I will use my expertise in healthcare and business to ensure that every single citizen of Tennessee has affordable and quality healthcare coverage. I pledge to bring down the costs of prescription drugs by freeing you from the hobble placed on you and your family by unscrupulous drug companies. I promise to protect Medicare and Medicaid and work towards developing universal healthcare coverage to help relieve costs to employers and your family while creating good paying jobs in healthcare and expand our state’s most rapidly growing area of good paying jobs.

I promise to evaluate scientific research and to promote policies that will advance life-saving and life-enhancing therapies, such as medicinal cannabis, to help stem the flood waters engulfing families afflicted by the opioid epidemic and other diseases.

Protecting you, and all Tennesseans, is my continued passion and goal.




Tennessee currently ranks first in the nation for bankruptcy. Financial hardships are one of the most common problems that Tennesseans face. There is a lack of good paying stable jobs and most Tennesseans have not seen their paycheck increase for years.

As your representative I promise to put hard-working Tennesseans FIRST. I will work to make it easier for you to start and maintain your own business. I will help support our LOCAL businesses of all sizes to stimulate the economy in our communities. I will hold large corporations responsible for taking care of their workers and will implement policies that discourage them from moving jobs overseas.

To help end poverty we need to connect people with trade skills, high tech training programs and educational opportunities so we can all be productive members of our community. Tennesseans should be paid fairly for their hard work and earning a livable wage will help more people achieve financial security while putting money into our community’s economy.

We need new leaders who are willing to invest in YOU FIRST.

Healthcare in America


As someone who has broken the cycle of poverty I know first hand what a difference having access to public education and job skills training can make.

Proper funding and expansion of public education programs is vital to getting that good paying stable job and creates robust growth of our economy.

I promise to work with and support our public education system in our shared common goal of making it accessible and affordable for every single family in Tennessee.

Our teachers and educational system need you and they need leaders who will support endeavors to protect Tennessee’s most vital resource: YOU.



We as Tennesseans cherish our beautiful state and what the land provides us. The Tennessee River and its watersheds give us the water we drink and bathe in, fish we eat and the parks where our children play. The natural beauty of our state also provides us with one of our biggest industries, with the Outdoor Recreational Economy providing over $30 billion a year in revenue and over 180,000 jobs for Tennesseans.

Big industry polluters and people who do not care about the air, rivers, streams and soil in our state have compromised not only your economy, but also you and your family’s health. It is no longer safe to eat the catfish out of the Tennessee River and major coal ash spills and pollution threaten the very water you may drink out of your tap.

As your representative I promise to protect you, your family’s health and job security by protecting our beautiful state from corporate interests who do not respect your long-term needs, job creation and our amazing home.

Healthcare in America


Our nation recently suffered an unfair blow. With the blessings of corrupt elected officials bought off by large private telecom companies, the FCC repealed your rights to a fair and equitable Internet. The repeal of net neutrality is perhaps one of the biggest threats to free speech and our economy that our nation has ever witnessed.

Many Tennesseans including students, small to moderate sized businesses and average daily citizens, like you and I, depend upon the unbiased dissemination of information over the Internet. Now, with the repeal of net neutrality, we are facing the reality that private internet service providers can not only charge you more for the same access to internet you now enjoy, but they can create “fast-lanes” for larger businesses and corporations willing to pay for them while leaving you and small businesses to either pay more for the same access or leave you high and dry with no ability to compete with the money of big corporations.

Private Internet service providers also now have the right to choose for you and can decide what you see…and don’t see.

As your representative I will fight to restore your rights to a fair and unbiased Internet. I will introduce legislation that will restore your protections of net neutrality and will help to advance publicly owned Internet throughout our congressional district.



Congress has received some of the lowest approval ratings ever seen in the history of our nation. Fueled by greed and riddled by corruption, it is no surprise that Tennesseans have lost trust in the very entity that has the responsibility of protecting our rights in the pursuit of liberty and happiness.

As your elected representative I promise to propose and support legislation that would do the following:

-Introduce term limits for all elected officials in Congress. If the President of the United States is limited to eight years of service, so should members of Congress.

-Introduce more transparent campaign finance reform by reversing Citizens United, the infamous court case which has eroded the foundation of democracy by allowing unscrupulous corporate giants to buy off our elected congressional representatives and blind you from these transactions.

-Ensure that we as individuals thrive and are protected in our communities to maintain the right to equally pursue the American Dream without fear of discrimination based on our gender, race, religion, class, heritage or belief structures.

Democracy isn’t a commodity that is bought and sold…it belongs to EVERYONE.

Healthcare in America


Veterans and their families have a special place in my heart.

As a physician who has the honor and privilege of caring for our Veterans and their families, I have witnessed first hand how our current elected officials are failing to meet the very basic needs that so many of our Veterans and their families go without.

Why does it take more than a month for a veteran with a confirmed cancer diagnosis to have an MRI approved? Why are veterans and their families struggling to put food on the table? Why are veterans homeless? Why should a struggling widow of a Veteran have to pay to have her husband buried in our national cemeteries?

Our veterans and their families have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Together let’s call out “leaders” who simply offer disingenuous contrite platitudes that are nothing more than empty cheap words. Instead, let’s give veterans and their families a voice. As your elected representative I promise to listen to your needs and bring action to support legislation that will restore comfort and dignity to those who gave all for our nation.

Justice for Veterans…we need it NOW.