Tennessee 3rd Congressional District


Healthcare in America - DR. DANIELLE MITCHELL


Affordable access to healthcare should be a top priority for all Tennesseans.

The high cost of health insurance and prescription drugs impacts all of us. High costs are creating a health and financial crisis for Tennesseans and are a roadblock when seeking healthcare. We need to start exploring solutions that will end the corrupt practices of the companies who profit from sickness and the politicians that allow them to do so.

Protecting you, and all Tennesseans, is my goal.



Financial burden is one of the most common stressors that Tennesseans face. Often there is an absence of job opportunity and stability, as well as a lack of a livable wage to help you get yourself out of financial distress. Creating a livable wage is vital to putting an end to the struggle of poverty. I will devote myself to making sure that jobs pay all Tennesseans a living wage.

Healthcare in America


Providing opportunities to access affordable education for all Tennesseans is the key to creating a productive, viable community that is self-reliant and more successful. We have got an uphill battle, but by working together we can solve this issue and improve our communities. My goal is to support you, educators, and employers to nurture an interest in rebuilding and improving our public school system. Affordable education is vital to all Tennesseans.



Without a clean and healthy environment, the people of Tennessee have nothing. We can't eat the fish out of the Tennessee River anymore, dangerous coal ash spills threaten our watersheds, and polluted air causes breathing problems.

Elected officials allow companies to pollute the environment and make Tennesseans even more sick, causing medical costs to skyrocket. Securing a healthy environment protects Tennessee industries and keeps you healthy.