The importance of a community hospital is more than just a center that provides medical care.

These centers save lives.

They provide employment.

They serve as a foundation to attract progress and new business which then brings new jobs to your city.

Since 2010 at least EIGHT hospitals have closed in Tennessee, and many more are in danger of closing their doors.

The following is a list of hospitals that have closed since 2010 in Tennessee and Georgia:

Gibson General Hospital (Trenton)
Haywood Park Community Hospital (Brownsville)
Humboldt General Hospital
McNairy Regional Hospital (Selmer) 
Parkridge West Hospital (Jasper)
Pioneer Community Hospital of Scott (Oneida)
Starr Regional Medical Center-Etowah
United Regional Medical Center (Manchester)

Calhoun Memorial Hospital (Arlington)
Charlton Memorial Hospital (Folkston)
Hart County Hospital (Hartwell)
Lower Oconee Community Hospital (Glenwood)
North Georgia Medical Center (Ellijay)
Stewart-Webster Hospital (Richland)

Do some of these towns and hospitals look familiar to you?  They should. This is a growing highly concerning trend that is already impacting you and your family. How? The people who are directly impacted by these closures are then sent to the next closest hospital. In turn, this puts greater stress on the next hospital by increasing wait times for you and your family and also increases the cost of uncompensated care as these hospital systems are then confronted by the uninsured financial crisis that is impacting many of our citizens in Tennessee. And then…YOUR HOSPITAL MAY HAVE TO CLOSE.

It’s no secret that most Americans are concerned about access to affordable healthcare for themselves and their family. Out of control costs for health insurance premiums and astronomical costs for medicines have left many families with less in their bank accounts and for some families, financially devastated.

The looming threat of reinstating pre-existing conditions regulations is about to financially destroy Tennesseans. Pre-existing conditions/risk pool is a way to maximize profit for medical insurance companies and the corrupt politicians that protect these companies.  By getting rid of the Affordable Care Act which PROTECTS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FROM PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS we are essentially going to add 23 million people to the uninsured pool. These newly uninsured people in need of care will then seek healthcare through emergency rooms because they will have no other outlet that will provide care for them because they can’t pay at the time of service.

What does this mean for you and your family?

  1. Higher taxes to try and offset the costs of “charity care” (remember, there is no free lunch, even when it’s labeled as “free”).
  2. Longer wait times in the ER.
  3. More closures of hospitals as they succumb to the ever increasing financial stressors of a broken healthcare system.
  4. Lost jobs.
  5. Lost lives…possibly yours or one of your loved ones.

What is the fix to this problem?

  1. Get rid of government officials like Chuck Fleischmann who are accepting payments from big insurance companies, drug companies and medical device companies that are gouging you and your family’s wallet. *FLEISCHMAN’S CORRUPTION IS PROTECTING CORPORATE INTERESTS OVER YOUR FAMILY’S INTERESTS.*
  2. Make Medicare a PUBLIC OPTION (which is not-for-profit) to compete with these private companies forcing them to lower their rates they charge you and your family.
  3. “It’s time to elect government officials who are TRAINED to TAKE CARE of people.”

Dr. Danielle Mitchell

Running for the 3rd Congressional District of Tennessee

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To read more on this topic please feel free to visit:–and-sense-of-security/2017/04/10/6c550492-1941-11e7-855e-4824bbb5d748_story.html?utm_term=.78f70537349a