Simply Put: Tennesseans Are Dying More Than Most People In Our Nation

Simply put: Tennesseans are dying more than most people in our nation.

How do we fix this?


Monday night the AHCA bill proposal collapsed…and still Senator Mitch McConnell and other corrupt government officials,  like Tennessee House Representative Chuck Fleischmann, are trying to pass a complete repeal of our healthcare rights. While there is a lot of debate as to why the bill collapsed, one thing remains certain: for both moral and economical reasons Americans overwhelmingly do NOT want this bill to pass.

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Among some of the sharpest criticisms of the AHCA (and complete repeal of the ACA) is the fact that this bill would effectively hurt Americans more than the current state of suffering endured in this sea of out of control costs. So what should we expect moving forward? And, more importantly, how can we fix this situation?

The battle is one that will undoubtedly continue because the REAL issue at hand is not being addressed: we as a nation need to embrace the idea of profit capping in healthcare.Ironically, no matter what side of the isle you come from politically, the idea that we need to take the astronomical profits out of healthcare is an idea that is uniting all of us. We are tired of paying out of control costs for health insurance, that in turn charges higher premiums in part because it’s expensive to be sick in our nation. People can’t afford to access care even when they are ‘insured’ or ‘uninsured’ which leads to less or no preventative care, which leads to the crisis moment. And we all know: the crisis moment financially devastates people…and hospitals…and eventually communities, as they are unable to pay for the ever-increasing costs of treating disease.

Tennessee is particularly vulnerable to this issue for many reasons. Tennessee ranks 44th in the nation for health outcomes, 45th in the nation for deaths related to cancer and heart disease (the two biggest killers in our nation) and 45th in the nation for cases of type two diabetes. Simply put: Tennesseans are dying more than most people in other states in our nation.

And what’s even more startling and tragic? Our children are the first generation expected to live shorter lives than any other adult generation before them.

I see these situations played out in my clinic every single day. It is financially devastating our nation and is morally wrong. So what can we do to solve this complex issue as it relates to the current state of healthcare in our nation?

Here’s the breakdown on how we start fixing this issue while saving lives and your economy:

1.  Introduce profit caps in healthcare to the following areas:

    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Medical Insurance
    • Medical Devices
    • Healthcare Institutions
  1. Amend Medicare: strike amendments that DISALLOW our government the power to negotiate drug prices for us (Medicare currently can’t negotiate drug prices and this is why our nation pays the highest drug costs in the world).
  2. Allow re-importation of prescription drugs from other countries.
  3. Keep the ACA intact and continue to push towards single payer.
    • Keep the 10 essential benefits
    • Keep the individual mandate
    • Keep the taxes on large corporate entities
  4. Focus on prevention of disease by expanding Medicaid and eventually making it Medicare for All. “Let’s be more about oil changes rather than engine replacements.”
  5. Start funding risk corridors to stabilize the current insurance market now.
    • Repeal section 225 of HR 2029 Consolidated Appropriations Act 2016 that limited payments to this stabilizer.
    • Allow the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to use left over budget to also help bring smaller fledgling insurance co-ops back to the free market exchange.
  6. Dismantle the current insurance monopoly by mandating the break up of the ‘big five’ companies and prevent further mergers.
  7. Remove corrupt government officials who are paid-off by large corporate entities who price gouge and inflate costs to drive profit margins. How do we do this? VOTE. THEM. OUT.

<Click here to see recent AP poll: 62 percent of Americans said it is a federal responsibility to make sure that all Americans have health care coverage, a 10-point increase from just a few months ago.>

And let this be a very important reminder about the role of government:

“WE the People of the UNITED States, in Order to form a more perfect UNION, establish JUSTICE, insure domestic TRANQUILITY, provide for the common defence, promote the general WELFARE, and secure the Blessings of LIBERTY to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this CONSTITUTION for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

Your health is your general welfare and it is our government’s responsibility to ensure the general welfare of our nation.

Without health, you have no liberty.

“It’s time to elect government officials who are TRAINED to CARE for you.”
~Dr. Danielle Mitchell
Running for the 3rd Congressional District of Tennessee