Remember: Machines Don’t Need Lunch Breaks, Vacation or a Raise in Pay

Chuck Fleischmann is Destroying Your Liberty.

One of the most important things you do for your family is PROVIDE STABILITY and PROTECTION. For most, this means putting food on the table, keeping a roof over their heads, and keeping the lights on. It also means making sure your children don’t get sick and that if they do become ill they are cured. You also want your children to have the liberty of being able to go to school to learn job skills that will provide them with long-term security.

To provide stability and protection for your family, YOU need it too. Never forget that YOU ARE A PROFIT CREATOR FOR YOUR EMPLOYER and as such, you should be respected and rewarded for your contribution to the wealth of others. You deserve a dependable job that pays a fair wage, and offers long-term job security so you can confidently buy a home, save for your children’s future, and access medical care when you or your loved one needs it.

But what if you can’t find a job or one that fairly compensates you allowing you the means necessary to provide for yourself and your family?

Job security is getting harder and harder to come by.

We are constantly worried our jobs might be outsourced to another country, or even worse, that we’ll have a machine replace us. Jobs have been lost in everything from mining (because of machines that have automated the processes), to retail (because self checkout lanes are now cropping up in stores everywhere), to telephone customer service (where thousands of American jobs are lost as corporations hire overseas and use more machines). These are practices commonly employed by large corporations that are maximizing their wealth while simultaneously treating you and your family as dispensable resources with no employment rights. Because of this, you and your family never feel stable since you are constantly worried about the ever-impending financial disaster that will force you into bankruptcy.

Without stability, you have no LIBERTY.

How much do you have to make per hour to rent a two bedroom house in Tennessee? How many hours per week would you have to work if you were making minimum wage to make sure you paid the rent for a two bedroom home?

In Tennessee you would have to make around $15.34 per hour to be able to rent a two bedroom home. If you only earn minimum wage that is $7.25 per hour, then you would have to work more than two full-time jobs at over 80 hours per week to make rent.


<Click here to see how CEO pay has increased almost 1000% since 1978 while your pay has stayed FLAT.>


Tennesseans are clearly NOT MAKING IT and you are suffering because our elected officials, LIKE CHUCK FLEISCHMANN, care more about what their corporate contributors think than what helps you and your family.


What’s the SOLUTION and how do you achieve liberty? Make sure that you and your children have access to job training, attract forward-thinking companies to invest in Tennessee long-term to provide jobs, pair sustainable resources that are better for our soil, water and air with jobs that are in demand, and raise the minimum wage to a LIVING WAGE in Tennessee.


Job Training/Re-Training and BEING BOLD LEADERS

Why did mining jobs disappear? Though some people say it was because the government suppressed these jobs, the truth is that these jobs were already declining over the last decade due to competition from natural gas, the lessening demand from other countries in the world to import coal as they recognize the negative impact coal has on their economy, and the increasing cost of coal extraction coupled with increasing automation within the industry. Remember, machines don’t need lunch breaks and they are not paid vacation or an hourly wage.


<Click here to find out why jobs in coal are not coming back.>


We need to identify and focus on jobs that can’t be done as easily by machines such as those in the hands-on areas like the building and maintenance trades, creative strategies, and new technologies such as those in renewable energy as well as many other fields. These are jobs that will stand the test of time and provide long-term stability for you and your family.


We should be promoting self reliance by partnering with labor organizations that provide the job and skills training that is paramount to you getting these stable, high paying jobs, which in turn protect your stability AND YOUR LIBERTY.


Instead of clinging to the past, we need to be BOLD LEADERS OF THE FUTURE and start pioneering and supporting new companies that in turn provide jobs for Tennesseans instead of rewarding companies that sell your job out to a machine or someone overseas. Remember, your pay has stayed flat since the 1970’s but rich executive pay has gone up almost 1000% thanks to bad governing from representatives like Chuck Fleischmann.

Why do so many companies manufacture things in China, Taiwan, Mexico, etc.? It’s because bad governing has made it cheaper for them to make stuff there. Instead, we need to create a friendly business climate, incentives for new companies to build and operate factories in Tennessee, and impose penalties on corporations that choose to outsource your job overseas or to a robot.

Chuck Fleischmann has done absolutely NOTHING to protect your ability to earn a fair wage, keep good-paying jobs in Tennessee for you and has actually worked against you to dismantle your ability to defend yourself in the work environment from job-outsourcing practices. Chuck Fleischmann is clearly interested in defending the interests of big corporations that fund his campaign.

You work hard to earn your paycheck, it’s time Tennessee has an elected official who will work hard for you.

“Without job security, you have no liberty.”

~Dr. Danielle Mitchell

JOBSEvan Richards