Data Shows Fleischmann Will Likely NOT Protect the Economic Lifeline in Oak Ridge

Have you thought about what REALLY makes America great? Certainly our scientific leadership in technology and innovation earns our nation a spot at the top! And do you know where some of our country’s greatest innovations come from? Right here in Tennessee’s 3rd District at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Located west of Knoxville, the laboratory’s scientists help protect our national security, ensure a stable and reliable electric grid, keep us at the cutting edge of manufacturing techniques, operate some of the world’s most powerful computers, develop award-winning advances in medicine and achieve ground breaking research for environmental sustainability.

In addition, the laboratory reportedly employs nearly 4,400 people. These are individuals who purchase homes in the Oak Ridge area, shop at local businesses, invest taxes in their community, support local schools, and in many other ways contribute to a healthy and thriving economy which in turn benefits our entire nation.

But the threat to the community of Oak Ridge is VERY REAL.

Under President Trump’s proposed budget plan, funding for scientific research is on the chopping block in way that could be devastating for our community in Oak Ridge. President Trump’s budget is calling for a nearly 20% reduction to the Department of Energy’s Office of Science which could result in a loss of nearly $900 million in funding. For the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, that could mean up to $206 million in lost funding over a 2-year time period.

Not only could this hurt our nation’s status as a global leader in a wide range of vital technologies, but it could lead to lost jobs, and a devastating blow to the economy in Oak Ridge and Tennessee.

Here’s where we should be extremely concerned…

According to FiveThirtyEight (a website that analyzes political trends and data), Fleischmann has a “Trump Score” of “100%.” In other words, Fleischmann has voted in line with Trump’s positions and policies 100% of the time.


Whether we’re talking about denying Tennesseans affordable healthcare, getting rid of protections designed to prevent banks from swindling you, axing state-based retirement plans to help workers, or letting Internet providers share your personal data, Fleischmann has been lockstep with a president whose budget will drastically reduce funding and resources for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and its nearly 4,400 employees.

Actions speak louder than words, and based on dozens of votes dating back to January, Fleischmann’s actions communicate that he doesn’t protect the needs of the people in the 3rd District and will likely vote to cut the funding for Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


Vote out CORRUPT government officials like Chuck Fleischmann who do not show any proof that they will stand up to the current administration and protect your livelihood.

As a scientist, I support the funding of research programs that keep our nation at the leading edge of innovation, strengthen our economy and provide job opportunities for Tennesseans!

I pledge to protect YOU.

Dr. Danielle Mitchell

“It’s time to elect government officials who are TRAINED to CARE for you.”

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